Exciting projects and soon Graduate selection!

Exciting projects and soon Graduate selection!

Hello, blog!

It’s been a busy week in Trollhättan, both considering activities at our current department rotations and activities with the trainees.

At my current department I work alongside one of our most senior manufacturing engineers in exciting projects where we are investigating concepts and business cases for future opportunities to introduce additive manufacturing. We also partake in the daily work with one of our existing high volume products, the intermediate compressor case for an engine called PW1100. It is a Pratt & Whitney engine which you can find on the Airbus A320 Neo. It’s a quite different tempo when working close to manufacturing compared to technology development, which is what I did last fall.

With the trainee group we’ve done a lot of preparations for next week, when it’s time for… *drum roll* … Graduate selection! It will be two packed days where we will get to meet our future colleagues. We’ve been waiting eagerly since January!

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