Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

Last week we received the good news that our proposal of the graduate project got approved by HR. This was instantly celebrated with a super delicious apple pie from the lunch restaurant, which also gave us the positive energy we needed to start with the project right away. The purpose of this project is to increase the awareness of GKN Aerospace Sweden (GAS) as an employer among students and young people throughout Sweden but also strengthen the brand awareness of GAS.  

This will be done in two different ways. The first one is focusing on the improvement of our participation at career fairs and upgrading the booth. Tasks such as concept development, order a new booth, refine our brochures and look into new giveaways will definitely be included.

The second part of our project is aimed at modernizing the visitor centre here on site, whereas the goal is to make it more compelling to the visitors and deliver a new concept for how it can look like. We have already a lot of creative thoughts and ideas around this topic, but it will be more fun to reveal them later when things are fallen into the place.

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