First rotation – space

First rotation – space

Now finally, there will be a post about space! I’m doing my first rotation in the department for GKN’s space products, Rotors and Nozzle. I’m conducting analyzes linked to the turbines for the second stage

engine Vinci in Ariane 6. GKN develops and produces both turbines, one that pumps oxidizer and one that drives the fuel tank. As a space nerd with a background in space engineering I am extremely pleased to be doing my first rotation within the space department at GKN. My background in space is primarily within space physics, meaning I do not have a lot of knowledge of rockets and turbines from before. Therefore, I started this rotation searching for knowledge and asking my supervisor a lot of questions! I got a taste for rockets already when we had two weeks of internship in the workshop as I followed the production cycle for our nozzle, so I was excited to get started on my rotation. I am a person that easily gets stuck at digging into topics, especially when it’s something that includes space, so I was quickly caught in this interesting subject. I learn new things every day and I’m looking forward to having as much knowledge about turbines, and rockets, as my colleagues.

Time moves quickly and it’s hard to believe that we’ve already been more than a month in our first rotation. During this short time we have accomplished a lot, and there is more to come. Next up is Lego League, see you then!

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