Safety & OMS

Safety & OMS

Hey everyone! I am among the last of the graduates to introduce myself, Joel Larsson is my name. If you want to know more about me click here. As the previous writers have indicated, there have been some really interesting weeks here at GKN Aerospace, with everything from study visits to leadership practices. Slowly, we are now starting to acclimatize to each of our own home departments, where we will start working after the graduate program finishes.

Currently, I am working in the Hot Structures department together with experts in the fields of aerodynamics, configuration and thermodynamics. As the name of the department indicates, the work here is focused around the hot parts of the engine. By hot parts we often mean critical engine components that are exposed to high pressures and temperatures, i.e. parts like the combustion chamber, turbine exhaust case and those parts in-between. (For some quick e-learning in the subject of jet-engines, click here) Critical components require, not too surprisingly, more thorough processing.

As mentioned before, GKN Aerospace are present in approximately 90 % of all aircrafts, and as a tier one supplier to the aerospace industry a wide range of requirements concerning product safety, production and organization need to be met. The review process to ensure robust processes throughout the organization are extensive, and leaves nothing to chance. So passengers around the world can feel safe when leaving ground.

To ensure that external and internal demands from authorities and customers are met, GKN have OMS (Operational Management System). OMS include descriptions of how to best operate in order to meet demands and satisfy customers. It covers everything from business development and sales, to engine maintenance and product development. To increase the effectiveness in all processes throughout the company, it is possible to change the operation descriptions. In this way, OMS becomes an empirical platform that helps GKN to optimize its processes, and at the same time, guarantee the satisfaction and safety of customers and passengers.

In my opinion, the possibility to safely, fast and with minimum environmental mark be able to travel is at the very core of human freedom. To be part of this process, i.e. to increase peoples freedom by enable safe and effective flight travels around the world, is both satisfying and exiting.

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