The first period at Supply Chain

The first period at Supply Chain

Like the other trainees, I have just started my first internship at my home department, namely the Supply Chain. I work in a group called Supplier Quality Assurance, SQA. In brief, our work activities strive to handle suppliers and collaborate with them so that together we can achieve the right level of quality. For me personally, I have during my first two weeks instigated my work by diving into historical data with the aim of trying to analyze trends and synergies in the data in time series of a few years back. As an analytical person, and with a background in Lean Six Sigma, this has truly been a great way to get into the environment of Supply Chain and learn more about how we have reached the point where we are today. But this work is also support ourselves and our suppliers to raise our perspectives and be more long term in our way of working.

My biggest impression during these two weeks have primary been how amazing GKN and supply chain is as a workplace. As an SQA at GKN you operate to a large extent on a global market, with customers spread in many countries and continents. If you as a reader is an student and thinking about future professions, I really advise you to reflect on supply chain if you like to meet new people, want to work in a global market and enjoys to be in the middle of events.

The experienced blog readers may be aware that the young graduates every year conduct a side mission parallel with our trainee program. We have just been served the outline for this project, and I promise that it seems incredibly exciting! I eagerly look forward to get started on this project together with my colleagues, but right now i will not reveal anymore, but maybe by the missionwe will meet soon? Are you curious about what the mission is about, I advise you to continue to follow the blog for more information in the upcoming posts.


See you soon / Niclas Persson

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