Training Days

Training Days

During the current week Taining Days have been an ongoing event for many of the technical departments at GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan. Training Days is a biannual event at which the employees get a chance to learn more about subjects which they perhaps don´t work with on a daily basis. The lectures have teached us about everything from our current strategies and ongoing research and development projects, thru negotiation techniques, lean strategies and Excel commands to employee involvement and mental stress reduction. Most of the educators have been local experts working at GKN here in Trollhättan, but guest lecturers from Volvo Trucks and our Dutch sister company Fokker have also visited us to share their knowledge and experiences.

As recently recruited graduate engineers we are especially encouraged to participate in the courses and learn as much as possible. Personally, I most of all appreciated the inspiring lecture in negotiation skills which gave us valuable instruments for coming negotiations with suppliers and customers regarding contracts and technical requirements. Even better, these strategies are equally useful at a personal level in debates with parents, partners and future children!

To be given the opportunity to participate in all the stimulating educations which GKN offer, also outside Training Days, is a privilege that proves that the company truly invests in our growth on both a professional and personal level!

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