Greetings from El Cajon

Greetings from El Cajon

Hello again dear blog!

This is Emelie, from last year’s trainee group (what happened to time, feels like it was yesterday I started and now I am already “last year’s group”?!). I’m doing a little comeback in my blog career, even though the blog is handed over to the new stars of GKN. As you might suspect I am on my international assignment (second month) and I am therefore located in San Diego, California. To be precise I am actually in El Cajon when I write this, about 20 minutes east of San Diego, as this is where our site is (I live in San Diego however).

The site consists of a number of buildings and each has its own products. Ironically enough I am so far mostly involved in the only building where military parts are produced, and I am therefore not allowed to go around in the building however I want. Do I want to go out on the shop floor I have to have someone with me at all times, which becomes a bit frustrating after a while. Soon I will start a project regarding automation in another building – where I can go around on my own! I also spend a lot of time with the Lean team and I get to be a part of different events and classes. Just this Wednesday I was on the first of four days of a Lean course.

It is a different world over here, in so many ways. For starters they keep parts outside here! That is completely impossible at home (as metal, snow, rain and cold is not a very good combination). That works fine over here though (at least for some time) as it seldom rains, snows or is cold. The same goes for me now that I think of it: I spend a lot of my time outdoors here as it is sunny and warm most of the time.

I live in a studio by Mission Beach, approx. 100 meters from the beach. It is sooo nice to be able to just walk outside my door to run along the beach, get some sun at the beach and watch sunsets. I really enjoy it here! During the weekends I try to go to a new hiking spot each week (there are so many around here!) and also see a new part of the city each week. So far it has been amazing! Last weekend I went to LA, but I wasn’t that impressed. I think San Diego is a lot better in every way!

I wish you the best dear readers, and maybe you’ll hear from me again!


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