Frontier of Additive Manufacturing

Frontier of Additive Manufacturing

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In my first blog post I wrote about my time so far at GKN, from thesis work to an employment at RnT and to my position as a graduate today. It has been a fun first time as a graduate where I continue to work on projects within RnT and additive manufacturing (AM). I would very much like to explain what kind of projects I am working on to you readers, but unfortunately it is difficult since I am working with development. GKN of course wants to keep all the good things to themselves! Generally we are constantly exploring which of GKN’s engine components additive manufacturing can be applied to. Many components are based on large and expensive forgings or castings which we then machine to final form. We sometimes machine off closer to 80 % of the raw material which turns in to waste, crazy huh? That makes additive manufacturing a useful method to instead build up material which leads to smaller and cheaper forgings or castings to purchase. We have airplanes that flies today around the world with additive manufacturing applied, which we are proud of. There is after all very high quality demands to meet in order for components to fly, both from us as a company and our costumers but also authorities.

What I can tell you is an especially fun opportunity that I got a few weeks ago. I received an inquiry to speak at an international seminar at Chalmers in Gothenburg. The seminar, Frontiers of Additive Manufacturing, gathered around 200 people from various companies and universities that in one way or another work with additive manufacturing. I shared what GKN Aerospace has developed throughout the years and the things we have flying that is manufactured with AM. It was a great and challenging experience to speak in front of so many, and far more experienced, people than myself! It was the first time on a big stage for me and I must admit that is was a bit thrilling. But it was a lot of fun!

Seminar at Chalmers, Frontiers of Additive Manufacturing

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