Touchdown USA

Touchdown USA

Emelie and me arrived to the U.S late this Sunday. Now you might panic and think what on earth have I missed? Well, the rotation we all been working on for the last 8 weeks is a connectivity project where we are to launch a pilot in one of our factories on the American east coast. We are now facing two weeks of implementation which is going to be really exciting. The factory here in Manchester, CT, is very small compared to the one in Trollhättan but it is really fun to see the similarities that exists despite size and geographical location. The rest of the trainee team arrived on Wednesday so now we’re all together again, as it should be. Our colleagues here in the US have welcomed as in the best way possible by bring a whole box of dark roast coffee and fika. There have been many Swedes here during the years and have transferred important knowledge; that Swedes crave strong coffee and fika for working properly.

Besides working have we explored the surroundings of Manchester, which is a really small city, compared to American standard. It has been a colorful American experience so far, one that you don’t get in the bigger metropolitans. For example, Emelie and me set out to find an ATM and found a peculiar one – a Drive-In ATM. Very convenient when it snows and the wind is cold! Yesterday we took a drive to the nearest bigger city Hartford and went to a concert with Mumford & Sons in XL Arena, simply a great evening!

The Drive-in ATM experience
A great show with Mumford and Sons

Talk to you soon!
Amanda Dalstam

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