New trainees onboard and space travels

New trainees onboard and space travels

This week has literally gone by supersonic speed since we in the trainee team have had a week with plenty of fun. On Monday did we have the honor to welcome 30 visitors from GKN Aerospace’s sites all over the world. Because we participated in the onboarding of almost every new trainee within the company and it’s always fun to meet with engaged persons eager to learn. We had planned to full days to teach them close to everything there is to know about our site in Trollhättan, our products and our part of the business – Engine Systems. But the fun actually started last week where we attended as guests in their training week in Gothenburg. That was the first time we presented ourselves as the “old trainees” which was unbelievable weird in both a good and a bad way. It feels like yesterday that we entered the gates but it is almost one year ago but at the same time it feels like a decennium since we’ve done so much and met so many people along the way.

However, speaking of young and old. From this previous Wednesday can you travel from space down to Trollhättan in VR (virtual reality) if you visit the science museum Universeum in Gothenburg. We can now add working at Universeum to our CVs where we have the important mission to educate both youngsters and their parents about why we must be present in space. And with we I’m referring to humanity in general but to Europe and Sweden in particular. There is so much technology used in space that we rely on in our everyday lives without realizing. Imaging your everyday life without Google maps or weather forecasts! And can we take a second to just acknowledge how cool it is to be a trainee and have the opportunity to work among solar systems and cute sloths?

Make sure to pay a visit to Universeum to learn more about space and to try our VR experience. We are there until Sunday between 12-17!


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