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Month: October 2019

How does a jet engine work?!

How does a jet engine work?!

A new week of course means a new blog post and it is finally my turn to be writing it! Even for this week the days have been running away as we have been busy attending the last Training Days courses. A course most of us found it very interesting and valuable was Jet Engine Theory. It was a whole day course that went through the basics of how a jet engine works, especially the RM12 engine which is equipped on the Swedish fighter aircraft Gripen.

Some of you might already be wondering “how does such powerful engine actually work?”… But don’t worry! I am about to answer that question in a very simplified way. 😉

The first stage that the air passes through is the fan, which is mounted at the very front of the engine. It carries on to a low pressure compressor that is comprised of three turbine stages according to the picture below and then continues further to a high pressure compressor. The purpose with these stations is to compress the air, where both the pressure and temperature will be increased. Thereafter the air is directed to the combustion chamber, where it gets mixed with the fuel and then ignites, resulting in a very hot gas that exits the combustor. It then passes both a low and high pressure turbine (Recognizable?) that have the main function of powering the different compressors and the fan. In order to leave the engine the gas will have to flow through a convergent nozzle that accelerates the gases, providing thrust to propel the aircraft.

I hoped this post gave you a better understanding of jet engine. See you soon again! 😀

Training Days and visit from Saab Trainee´s

Training Days and visit from Saab Trainee´s

Hi everyone!

My first post on this blog and my first blogpost ever actually. Didn´t think my blog career would start in connection to my first job, but really fun to be able to share what we actually are doing as trainees!

This week has also been filled with action. Firstly, “training days” is an event occurring right now at the Trollhättan site. The event is over two weeks where you have the opportunity to attend in-house courses/lectures presented by co-workers, which is a perfect opportunity to learn more about areas you find interesting!

One example of a fascinating lectures was “Clean Sky”, which is a public-private partnership between the European Commission and the European aeronautics industry. The overarching goal with Clean Sky is through this partnership, developing innovative, cutting-edge technology aimed at reducing CO2, gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft, which in a longer perspective also will contribute to the sustainable development goals. GKN is a part of several projects within Clean Sky and an example is the aviation engine in the image below, it is a prototype (demonstrator) developed by the company Safran in an attempt to come up with new ways to reduce fuel consumption further.

Open Rotor Engine – Safran

In addition to interesting lectures, we also had trainees from Saab visiting here in Trollhättan. It was a great deal of fun to have the opportunity to present our company (also interesting to test how much we have actually learned), network and hear about their trainee arrangement.

Cheerful group gathered

That was all from me this time, have a nice weekend and we´ll be in touch soon again!

/Rasmus Tyft

Start of rotations in our home department

Start of rotations in our home department

Hello, blog,

The recent weeks have been quite eventful for us trainees. But compared to the other weeks this week is different because now we are going to start with our rotations in our home departments (Hurray!!). The last week started with us spending Monday and Tuesday in Bohusgården where we had a course in group dynamics and leadership. But that’s not all, Monday ended with the traditional trainee dip in 5-degree Celsius water with clouds as far as the eye can reach, so now we’re trainees!! The evening, on the other hand, was a bit nicer with a three-course dinner and a lot of fun. Now that the Bohusgården courses are over, it’s time for us to start the rotations.

A happier group might be hard to find

As we say in the Aerospace business “time flies” and now we have all started our 10-week rotations in our home departments. This is a small description of what projects and departments each trainee will be on for the next 10 weeks.

  • Elamin Hamid Elamin: I will spend my weeks at Nozzle with data collection from old ARIANE 5 launches.
  • Elin Eriksson will spend his weeks at Propulsion engineering with a loop analysis of the control system in the RM12 engine.
  • Emily Chen will spend her weeks at ROTORS Engineering with a project in the field of software for the design of space turbines.
  • Hampus Olsson will spend his weeks at GTC engineering methods working with benchmarking of how aerospace companies work with simulation of additive manufacturing.
  • Rasmus Tyft will spend his weeks at Engines Digital with implementing AI to forecast inventory levels.

During these weeks, we will not only be working with our individual projects but also with our trainee project. We are still waiting for our major trainee project, an update on what it is will be posted in the near future. The weeks ahead will be very exciting and educational for us all. During the week, the trainee group will participate in various training sessions during the Training Days.

Now we will look forward to the fun in the coming time.

Thank you for reading, See you again soon!

First activity week

First activity week

Hi everyone!

Last week us trainees were on an adventure together. It was our first activity “week” (only three days this time) that we will have continuously in between our four department rotations that lies in our future. These activity weeks are intended for us as newcomers in the industry to broaden our knowledge and to form connections with other companies/GKN sites.

This time we chose to first of all visit GKN Aerospace in Kongsberg, Norway. This site is also producing engine parts to both commercial and military airplanes, just as we are in Trollhättan and that is why it is exceptionally interesting for us. The site in Kongsberg has around 500 employees and was established in 1987 to acquire the assets of the former jet engine division at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk. It was really exciting and interesting to hear about the different programs they are involved in and to have a guided tour around their factory. We had a lot of discussions about what is to come in the future and the visions for the site in Kongsberg together with the former trainee Peter Hjortsberg, who began his career in Trollhättan but is now president of the site in Norway. A big thank you to Peter for allowing us to visit and for taking the time to meet us!

From the left: Hampus Olsson, Elin Eriksson, Elamin Hamid Elamin, Peter Hjortsberg, Emily Chen and Rasmus Tyft

The day after Kongsberg we went back to Sweden and to Gothenburg. We took the opportunity to go to Volvo Cars to learn more about their production, as they are focused more towards mass production than GKN Aerospace. We can easily say that everyone got very inspired and motivated to implement some of the aspects at GKN.

We also visited the Volvo Museum to learn more about our company’s background since GKN in Trollhättan once upon a time was a part of Volvo Aero

The last day of our activity “week” we spent at Aeroseum and SKF. Aeroseum was a fantastic museum to visit to gain a deeper knowledge of the history of our Swedish military aircraft. A part of GKN in Trollhättan are working on military engines, so to be able to see and read more about the history gives us a new perspective that we will bring back to work.

At Aeroseum we had the opportunity to get inside of several aircraft
We also read about the swedish military airplane, Viggen

We finished the entire trip with visiting SKF where we got an inspiring tour by Lars Werner. We got an interesting introduction to the company and an insight of how they work through innovation and digitalisation to gain high productivity. After this visit we went home with our heads full of ideas and motivation, just as after Volvo.

Thank you Lars for the visit!


Second Trainee going for his Global Assignment

Second Trainee going for his Global Assignment

Good morning everyone,

I am writing to you from Copenhagen Airport, on my way to the United States. I hope everything is well with you and that everyone is embracing this upcoming exciting journey towards One Aerospace. Well, at least I am very excited for what is to come and all the opporunities that lie ahead. I have been absent for quite a while from the blog which is NOT ok but I am writing to you now saying that I am moving abroad for my global assignment. My destination is Newington, Connecticut, known for its cold winters and … that is basically the only thing I have heard so far. Jokes aside, it is one of our major sites within GKN Aerospace which is also on its own exciting journey toward implementing Additve Manufacturing, which is super cool!

So about me. What am I going to do in the states for my abroad assignment. Well, for the past year I have grown a strong interest for Strategy, Technology, Industrial Structuring etc. or as an overencompassnig word, Business Development. I will be working on different key projects that revolve around evaluating, improving and structuring better value stream solutions to ensure that our offer to the customer is the best one possible. In correlation to this, I will support our Aftermarket division to strengthen our global footprint within that area.

To end this post, I would just like to say that this past year has gone by so quickly and I am grateful for all the input and help I have gotten at GKN Aerospace. The culture that we have within this company is hard to find anywhere else and I am really happy to be part of such a great company. Once again, thank you everyone for making this past year the best one yet. Have a great day and hope to see you on the other side of the atlantic some time in the near future.


Wictor Dörrich

Global trainee onboarding

Global trainee onboarding

Hello everybody!

Finally it is time for the first real post by this year’s trainees! “The ancient ones” are soon leaving Sweden for their work abroad rotations and it is time for new blood in the trainee cabin here in Trollhättan.

The reason for the delay (we did start working here about a month ago) is mostly the two week “onboarding” program together with all new trainees at GKN Aerospace worldwide. In total, 27 trainees from the US, Netherlands, England and Sweden were here, pretty awesome! We spent the first week in Gothenburg doing various workshops and lectures in for example group dynamics, workplace culture, ethics and Lean manufacturing (a popular strategy to improve efficiency in a production system). And of course we had massive amounts of Swedish fika! In the evenings we explored Gothenburg and played a lot of volleyball and Super Smash Bros.

Graduates and Phillip Holt after Lean workshop.
A lot of fun activities during and after the onboarding program days.

The second week was spent in Trollhättan and at our site here. We had tours on the shop floor, a lecture about the Swedish military jet engines that have been built on the site and tried the VR-experience VEGA, which was developed by the previous year’s trainees. The program ended by a fine dinner where we had the honor of meeting several SOMETHINGS, including CTO Russ Dun, who held a truly inspiring speech about the future of GKN Aerospace and sustainable development in the aerospace sector.

Graduates, HR-representatives and management at the dinner.

Now that the onboarding is over we are back on track with workshop practice, with the goal of getting to know the value streams of a few of the products we manufacture here in Trollhättan.