Trainees from Siemens on a visit

Trainees from Siemens on a visit

Hi there!

This week has been full of meetings with value stream managers, planning our future assignments and travels as well as a nice visit from the Siemens trainees from Finspång! They were interested to know more about what GKN Aerospace is doing and how we work out in the factories, so of course we took it upon us to take them in and to show them around. It was a lot of fun having them here since they are developing gas turbines, which is very similar to an airplane engine. Both of them are partially made out of a gas generator, it is just that we are using it to create propulsion for the aircraft and they are using it to generate electricity, for example. Although, theirs are a lot bigger and heavier since they are used on ground level, and ours need to be light enough to not weigh down the entire plane. After the visit we went to a restaurant here in Trollhättan for a dinner together which was really nice! Now we are really excited to visit Finspång to see their site and how they are working with their products since they are so similar to ours, but used in such a different way.

Thank you for the visit, Siemens trainees!


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