Christmas party by Young @ GAS

Christmas party by Young @ GAS

Hi and happy Saint Lucy’s Day to you all!

This week has been quite uneventful from the trainee assignment perspective, which means that we have been able to be extra productive at our department we are currently at. (Yay!) Although, a big event for this week have certaintly been the Christmas party that Young @ GAS arranged.

Young @ GAS is a community for and created by the employees who are 36 years or younger working at the GKN site in Trollhättan . They usually arrange activities such as networking fika, lunches and different events throughout the year. This provides an opportunity for you to meet with people whose paths you probably would not have crossed otherwise, which is super fun! This week was the Christmas party as mentioned and we, the trainees, were responsible for the entertainment during the night. Music quiz, charades and other games were on the schedule and at the end of the night the team “The 2019 trainees are the best” stood victorious. I think they might have tried to flatter us with their chosen team name. Which of course worked.

Christmas party in Trollhättan!
The winning team “The 2019 trainees are the best”

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