Visit at Skaraborg Air Force Base and glögg mingle

Visit at Skaraborg Air Force Base and glögg mingle


Last week, together with the senior class at the GKN-partnered high school and the local interns, we visited the Skaraborg Air Force Base F7 in Såtenäs outside of Trollhättan. We were given a very interesting lecture by a retired JAS 39 Gripen pilot and a tour of the hangars. F7 is a military unit and one of the Swedish Armed Forces’ most important air force bases, one of the reasons being that it houses the educational centre for JAS 39 Gripen pilots. Besides the Gripen the base also take care of all activities related to transport- and special aircraft, with missions for the government and international endeavours.

The group posing in front of a Gripen fighter in one of the hangars.

The trainees also organized a glögg mingel (glögg is a Swedish take on mulled wine but don’t worry, it was legal!) for Flying members, a group of current and previous trainees at GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan. We served homemade saffron buns (a Swedish christmas classic) and glögg in a cozy setting and performed a by several sources exceptional Luciatåg (Yet another Swedish tradition, in eng. St. Lucia’s parade). Indeed, the Luciatåg was so appreciated that it is now demanded a re-run at this week’s christmas party. Current and previous trainees are still in negotiations behind closed doors and a resolution will not be presented at a press conference during the day.

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