Working during furlough

Working during furlough

Hi there!

It’s been a while since we trainees wrote anything here. What has affected this is not so surprisingly the current situation and that GKN, as well as many other companies in Sweden, are on furlough for a couple of months. But how is it really to work during furlough?

Of course it depends from person to person but for me it has caused some readjustments. Going from full work weeks to 60% (three days a week) was a strange feeling at first, because what are you supposed to do during the days off, especially when you are supposed to avoid public places as much as possible? You can notice that the slightly older ones have an easier time finding activities to do, fixing their house, spending more time with their families etc.

This will not turn into a LinkedIn post with a carpe diem theme with seems to be popular nowadays, but something I have found very fulfilling has been online courses, a couple of hours a day. Attending those gives me a feeling that I do something productive during my longer “weekends”. But that´s what works for me, there are an abundance of activities you can pursue, it´s all about finding something that gives you more value.

Lastly, ending with some good news! We´ve got the news that if the Covid situation have calmed down a bit we will be going to Bristol this September, to have a development week (like the one we had in the US) and meet all the other global grads!

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