Workshop practice and online onboarding

Workshop practice and online onboarding


Last week we ended our workshop practice with presentations and tours to share with each other about what we had learned during the week. We were all in a bit different places to be able to broaden our understanding and product knowledge about the parts being manufactured here in Trollhättan. I myself followed details, so-called discs, which will later on be put in some of Pratt & Whitney’s engines (as you can see in the picture below). It was really interesting to see how the large amount of different products, which required different processing and different amount of time, actually went through the stream since these parts does not count as high volume products at the company. On behalf of the group, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone out in the workshops who showed us around and shared their knowledge and took care of us during these days and I hope to see you again soon!

Due to the current situation, we have unfortunately not had the opportunity to do a physical onboarding as the previous trainees did at the beginning of the program, but luckily there is internet! J Since we started at GKN, we have started an online onboarding where we had the opportunity to listen to exciting guest speakers, participated in Q&A’s, broaden our understanding of principles, engagement and group development as well as we have gotten to know the trainees from last year’s group thanks to online meetings.

This week will be our first activity week where we will now continue to learn about group development and group dynamics. We are also very happy that we managed to book some study visits, but exactly where we are going and how it was, you will find out next week!

Hope you had a good weekend and I wish you a nice week and we will be in touch again soon!



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