One year later

One year later

Hello everyone!

Once again it’s Friday and we have just finished the fourth week of work after our annual holidays. It’s really a cliché, but time passes on so quickly. Especially since we’ve worked a month already but also when you realize that we’ve been with GKN Aerospace for a full year already. And with us being here for a year, that also means that the new graduates has finally joined us on the site, which we’ve been looking forward to since we got to meet them the first time a couple months back.

Monday afternoon we had a teambuilding exercise where we, in teams of two, had to walk around central Trollhättan to photograph points of interest. Considering we’re in Sweden and it is September, no-one was really ready for the high temperatures that day and therefore a competition between the teams collecting most waypoints took out its toll on us.  During the 2.5 hour duration we really got the chance to get to know each other and show the city that most of the new graduates just moved to. The activity was then concluded with a dinner, which after 20.000 steps, tasted even better.

Exhaust nozzle which today is a book-exchange shelf in Trollhättan.
Dinner with the graduates.

Considering that the new graduates have started, they’ll soon take over the responsibility for this blog while my cohort will continue the graduate programme with a project where we’ll exit our rotations and work together on a project for the final months of 2021. During the fall, we’ll also start planning and prepare for our international rotations that we’ll embark on in January. However, the coming weeks will be intense as we must finish our rotations, start the new project and then we also have our third development week scheduled which will include loads of interesting workshops and training sessions.

High pace and a lot of new experiences is awaited, but it’s extremly rewarding and it is the work-environment I prefer to be in. With that said, I wish you all a pleasant weekend and you’ll soon be able to get to know the new graduates here on this blog.


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