First rotation started!

First rotation started!

Hi, I’m back!

This week I’m extra thankful for being back in more southern parts of Sweden. Friends in Luleå reported the first 4 decimeters (you’ll have to translate it yourself) of slushy snow while I was enjoying my morning coffee in the sun.

From left: Danijela Maric (Communication strategist), Alexander Jenhall and Amanda Dalstam (Manager Analytics & Digital Innovation, Trainee 2018)

After on-boarding, workshop practice and teambuilding we have soon completed the third week in what will be the greater part of our traineeprogram, our rotations on-site in Trollhättan. The first 10 weeks everyone will be spending at their home department before exploring new departments based on personal interest and opportunities. My home department is at Strategy & Business Innovation which is a part of Business Line Engines meaning that we work globally to support all of our 14 Engine sites even though the team currently is based in Trollhättan. My first rotation consists of two parts. One of them is working on the yearly plan for Engines and the activities the company must perform to meet the requirements towards owners, government, customers and employees. The other one is working with the digitalization team towards a conceptual factory of tomorrow and a cost estimation based on the function we forecast will be crucial.

First few weeks has been a lot about meeting people in different departments of the company, gaining an understanding of the strategy work and abbreviations everywhere. The welcoming has been great and it’s amazing that every person we meet takes time to talk about their role and surprisingly often they have a connection to the trainee program. Additionally, Robin (2020-trainee) have tricked Elias and myself to start playing padel tennis, we’ll see how long my knees will withhold.

The first rotation has barely started but it’s about time to start thinking about what department we would like to spend our next rotation on. But we will have to talk more about that in another post.

Are you interested in the Traineeprogram or just curious about what we’re doing in Trollhättan? Come by our digital showcase at Armada and we’ll take it from there!

Take care!


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