Visiting a career fair

Visiting a career fair

On Wednesday, a career and trade fair was held at Lyrfågelskolan in Trollhättan. All the GKN Graduates in Trollhättan were there and talked about GKN, informing about Industritekniska programmet (ITU) that is part of GKN High School and what opportunities there are for working with technology. The ITU program has existed since 1992 and is both a college preparatory and a trade education. During the day we met several students who have a great interest in technology and it was fun to discuss what opportunities exist in the industry. We also had two ITU students with us Nora Fröberg and Ruben Östlund who are in the third year of the ITU program, they explains a little more detail about why you should choose this program. Now we can only hope that we have awaken an interest in technology in the students, who hopefully might be our future colleagues.

The GKN Graduates with Nora Fröberg and Ruben Östlund, happy after a job well done

This was all from me this time, see you again soon!


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