CHARM at Chalmers

CHARM at Chalmers

Hi y’all,

During Tuesday and Wednesday (w. 14) CHARM took off, which is the student fair at Chalmers, and this year trainee gang was represented by Elias and Merim. As a trainee you’ll get the opportunity to go to these fairs, if it is something that you like to do. We got the chance to talk to many students, some of you may even be reading this blog right now, and talk about some nerdy stuff and cool facts about the SWAN-nozzle and so on.

On Tuesday it was me (Merim) who attended the fair together with Elamin, who started the trainee program in 2019 and is now a team-lead in our production. During the fair, we had leaders and experts from our engineering office and some HR representatives. We thought that the first fair day went smoothly and a lot of students came to our booth! We hope that you took the opportunity to come and speak to us and allow us to tell you more about what we do! It’s a unique chance to speak with leaders within our business and learn more about what we do, how we do it and what the future holds.

As Merim mentioned above, I (Elias) represented the trainee gang on Wednesday. Not only did we meet a lot of engaging students with an interest in Aerospace, I also got the chance to see Chalmers for the first time! As I studied in Linköping, I hadn’t really got the chance to see Chalmers. Student fairs is a great platform for recruitment, where we get to meet the students and advertise for both thesis jobs and the open positions we have at GKN Aerospace.

Thesis work

As a trainee you can help out to manage all the thesis works at the company as most of them eventually end up at our table and we post them on the trainee blog. Sometimes it happens that we hear something about a thesis that is not yet posted, which is why it is good for you as a student to contact us as we might have more in storage than what you see on the blog, however this is not guaranteed. In worst case, we will just make a note of your interest and area and we’ll reach out to you when something interesting comes up.

As I mentioned earlier, we publish all our thesis work on this site so take a look to see if you find anything interesting. We usually publish new work during autumn which is scheduled to start in spring, so the posted documents might be outdated and some of them might already have started. However, you can always contact the contact person to double check, maybe there will be a continuation on the current thesis work.

Looking for job?

We also got the chance to talk to you about how it is to work for GKN Aerospace and what opportunities there are right now. I would encourage you to take a look at our career page, which you can find HERE, and take a look and apply for any position that looks interesting!

A picture of three youngsters from day 1 at CHARM. Fr. left: Merim, Simon, Elamin.
A picture from day 2 with our experts, leaders and HR together with Elias.

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