When the cat(s) is(are) gone…

When the cat(s) is(are) gone…

Well, then it’s only me and Martin left.

Now taht the other trainees have left the country, it’s only me and Martin left in Trollhättan, if you exclude every other non-trainee. A little bit less stressfull, fewer meetings and perhaps a bit more boring?

But I believe we shall manage! Now that the visa application process is done, the accommodation booked, car booked and information regarding starting date and time, dress code etc. is sorted out, I believe it’s time to take a step back and relax for a moment. I’m ready for Cincinnati, the question is though, is Cincinnati ready for me?

The last few weeks have been busy with trips, meetings, planning and a couple of presentations.

Talking about presentations… We presented our trainee assignment for a group of people from various departments and positions within the company. The assignment we received half a year ago tasked us with finding out and investigating what trends in the society that affects the choice of employer for newly graduated young students, as well as what expectations they have on the company and how well GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan meets these.

I can’t say anything else but that the presentation was a success! We got really positive feedback from people from the shopfloor, from our departments as well as managers and company board members!

It will be most interesting to see what kind of changes the company will go through these following months and whether or not our analysis and presentation will have had any impact!

Next time you’ll hear from me will be from the land of the free…

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