Latest news from Christian

Latest news from Christian

Once again it’s my turn to post and I thought I should mention where I have been and what I have done these past six weeks.

I have actually been at my “home department”, where I’m meant to start working in about a year from now, which is the AeroThermo department. What do you do at aerothermo? Well, it’s a part of analysis where you do aerodynamic and thermodynamic calculations on the properties of/around an object. In simplified terms you could say that you calculate how good or bad air, or any other fluid, flow around an object and how good or bad an object transfer heat. As you understand, things get complicated really fast when you start to go into details regarding this fascinating field. What have I done though?

What I have done, in short, is to compare experimental data of a detail with data calculated of the same detail using various methods by computer. From this comparison one method is to be chosen, the one that best compares to the experimental data, to be used for a future design practice for calculations of similar character. The work I have done is basically the groundwork for a method that will be applied by the other engineers at the department.

Not only was it really interesting and educational to work “for real”, but also nerve-racking at times to be a part of the development of a method that will affect the work of other people in the future!

Enough of the past, what happens now?

The following week will be on of our “activity weeks”, where we have been given a couple of days to plan for ourselves as a group. What we have chosen to do is a study trip! We are first going to SAAB and ACAB in Linköping, followed by Siemens in Finspång and finally SCANIA in Södertälje. All of this is to be done in three days!

After that we will (not) relax for two days at Bokenäs!

We shall see if we survive…

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