Home again!

Home again!

After a weekend that consisted of a ridiculous amount of sleeping (the trip to Kiruna demanded more of me than I realized!), we are now back in Trollhättan again. This time I’ve ended up at Anders’s home department Commercial, where I have started to explore the world of business agreements and economy. A couple of years ago I took a course in Business Economy and that knowledge is well suited now! I have only just started looking into the documents I will study during these six weeks, but I have already come across expressions like balance sheet, discounts, present value calculation, budgets and a lot more.

Exactly where my work will end up I barely know for myself yet, but I know that it is very interesting to see how an agreement with our customers might look like and how much it is to keep in mind. It might not be my speciality here, but I do believe that the more you know about your projects, the more cross-functional you can work. And cross-functionality is always good!

I do not have so much more to say for now, but I do want to remind you that the application for the next year’s graduate program is still open, so go there and apply right away!

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