Next stop Siemens

Next stop Siemens

The second stop on our activity week was Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery in Finspång. The day started off a bit badly as we went to the wrong building. However, after some guiding we arrived a little bit late, to the right building, where we were welcomed by Siemens young graduates. What made the Siemens visit special, in comparison to the other visits, was that they had an employee responsible for company visits. Maybe this was the reason why the entire visit felt really thought through.

The day started with some company information and discussion and comparison between our experiences so far. Just as us, the Siemens young graduates also started this autumn. This was followed by a presentation about a project that they have been running in Australia where they have been installing a gas power plant for a mine. Personally working in that kind of project seemed like a lot of fun despite the location in the middle of nowhere.

After some Swedish fika we continued with a tour in a couple of their workshops. We followed the manufacturing and assembly process and ended up with a complete gas turbine ready for shipping.

We ended our visit with lunch and a short visit to the castle where we also managed to snap a group photo.


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