PW1000G – The common thread of my year as a young graduate

PW1000G – The common thread of my year as a young graduate

After the first period at my main department, I have now also started to rotate around at the different departments in the company. Instead of aimlessly jumping between departments I have decided to focus on one specific product family that I most likely will work a lot with in the future, Pratt & Whitney’s new geared turbofan engine PW1000G. I will therefore follow one project in different departments to get an overview of the engine program and the new components as quick as possible and the first stop has been at the manufacturing department. Since the project is in one of its final stages, the manufacturing department is currently working on increasing the production pace, a very interesting work to follow. After the Christmas holidays and our second activity week, I will spend six weeks at the engineering department to get to see the engineering work in the project and following that is another six-week period learning more about the project’s suppliers at the purchasing department. So far, this have been a very good setup for my year as a young graduate and  I plan to finish it with an internship abroad at our site in Newington, Connecticut.

A “PurePower” PW1000G engine on one of Pratt & Whitney’s testbed aircrafts

But before all of this, we will have an awaited Christmas holiday with some time off. The first months in working life have been fun but also intense!

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