Christian reports from Cincinnati

Christian reports from Cincinnati

Time goes and I have soon spent three weeks in Cincinnati!

One day of rest to try to get rid of the jet-lag, was all I got before the work started, which was not quite enough. Anyway, I had to drag myself out of the bed and over to the breakfast and then get into the car to drive (yes… drive, because there are no sidewalks here) the three minutes to work.

At the site I met with a whole new group of people, where Rich and Oskar were perhaps the most important to remember. These are the two people that will supervise and help me with my work during my time in Cincinnati.

Rich had been working within the aerospace/space/defence industry for a long time before he joined GKN about two years ago as Director of Technology, Quality, Health and Safety for the sites in eastern USA (EPE, Engine Products East).

Oskar is sent here from Trollhättan on a mission to work with quality improvements and has been in Cincinnati since August last year.

These two gentlemen are my supervisors for the work I’m supposed to do here in Cincinnati. What am I then supposed to do here?

The past weeks I have intensely worked with preparation of the launch of a new document management system for all of EPE, where a lot of the focus has been on developing user manuals and descriptions on how to use the system. A lot of the time has been spent on trying to learn the software and understand how to convey this to a greater audience.

Moreover I have also been tasked with producing a EPE-wide Policy for change control and how to handle change request from our customers. From customer request, to evaluation and offering, to implementation of changes.

In short it’s a lot different from the work I’m supposed to do in Trollhättan in September, which on the other hand makes it a lot more interesting!

Finally I’ll give you some non-work related pictures!

Min sjukt snygga kärra
My glorious ride!
Boendet går inte heller av för hackor!
The living isn’t too shabby!
Uppenbarligen räcker det med 10 dagar i USA för att anamma parkeringskulturen... Jag skyller på att det var dags för fika!
10 days are obviously enough to pick up the local parking culture… However I do put the blame on that it was time for Fika!


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