Study visit to Saab in Linköping

Study visit to Saab in Linköping

As you may know, we have now been away on our first activity week with both study visits and personal development on the itinerary. The week started early on Monday morning with the five of us cramming into a rental car to take us from Trollhättan to Linköping, where the first study visit of the week was planned at Saab.

Finding the right entrance at Saab’s huge premises was not easy, but the roar of Gripen fighter jets in the sky convinced us that we were close. We were welcomed by Linus, one of Saab’s current young graduates, who guided us through the newly built offices to a conference room where we got to meet more people from Saab’s group of young graduates. This first meeting was mostly spent comparing our two young graduate programs and it was interesting to hear that our experiences so far have been similar in many ways.

However, the tour in the JAS 39 Gripen final assembly shop were probalby even more interesting, as we also got to sit in the cockpit of the plane. The fact that the plane we sat in was built in wood and not airworthy by any standards mattered less, it was just as cool to us.

Unfortunately, everything in and around Saab’s premises are very secret and strict photo prohibition comes with it, so you will have to make do with a photo of us from Grästorp!

2014-11-17 07.35.34

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