Future Thinking Workshop

Future Thinking Workshop

Since you as a graduate trainee belong to a group in the company that most likely has time for unplanned tasks, it is also likely that you get to take part in some unexpected events at work. One such event was the reason that we a couple of weeks ago once again was on our way to the Redditch area in the UK, this time to participate in a workshop regarding GKN’s future on invitation of Nigel Stein himself, Chief Executive of GKN Plc.

The workshop, named Future Thinking, was set to gather 50 promising persons in the ages 25-30 from all over GKN and the five of us were proud to represent Trollhättan and Sweden! Together we would brainstorm around what we saw as important in the world, the industry and at the workplace 10-30 years into the future, and how this could affect GKN. With participants from all over the world, an unconfined task like this could be pretty interesting.

Nigel Stein welcomes all

With the help of Cranfield University, the result of this brainstorming did however become fairly concise and we had in two days succeeded in creating seven project groups of eight persons each, all with their own focus area to continue to work in. The projects was in areas like alternative transportation, artificial intelligence, branding and cross-functional work and are now intended to proceed on distance for the next year, with regular debriefings to the Chief Executive Council of GKN. It will be exciting to see what the projects will come up to!

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The whole group gathered


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