Last day on my 3rd rotation

Last day on my 3rd rotation

It was a while ago since I last wrote anything and some things have happened since then!

First of all, I’ve done my 3rd rotation at the R&T (Research & Technology) department, where I have worked with method development. I have worked with automation and created a working method to integrate some aerodynamics calculations into an automated flow. The idea is that in the future you should be able to automatically create product prototypes from a set of customer demands and requirements on e.g geometry, performance, wight, cost and so on. This will make the process from request to offer a lot quicker and more efficient.

It’s has been really interesting to work with a part of the company that is a bit more abstract and not strictly related to production or any of our current products.

Some other news is that I will be going to our GKN site in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA for my international rotation. I’ll be a part of the introduction of some new product in the production as well as some new quality or production software tool. Much more than that hasn’t yet been decided.

I believe this will be a real adventure and I’m looking forward to experience how it is working in the USA!

Next week we will be traveling north (read Kiruna), so keep an eye out for any articles on what we’ll be doing and seeing there!

/Christian out…

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